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Wrath of the Emberlock

Game Synopsis

Deception, desperation, and destruction are afoot in the Wrath of the Emberlock: a mod for Torchlight II! Race against time to prevent the demented Emberlock from obtaining the ultimate power!


In order to develop the Wrath of the Emberlock, I led a five-member team during the Fall 2015 semester at the University of Baltimore. Each team member was in charge of creating one level within the Torchlight II GUTS engine. Among the many challenges I overcame during this project, I also designed, assembled, and tested the final stage for the mod: The Emberlock's Lair. This is the stage that is showcased in the video below.

The GUTS engine was very challenging to work with. Through a collection of YouTube videos and wiki entries, I was able to decipher the keys to create a multi-stage, multi-quest mod in the GUTS engine. Having gone through the difficult process of finding information on the GUTS engine, and understanding that students in later semesters would have similar troubles with GUTS, I created a space on our team's development blog to serve as a GUTS tutorial for future students. You can see our development blog (including my weekly production updates) as well as the GUTS tutorial elements I collected and created for future students here.

Working on Wrath of the Emberlock was a gratifying process; one that not only provided me with additional valuable team leadership skills, but one that also stands as proof of my ability to make a quality product with a professional development kit.

Download Here!

NOTE: You must already own Torchlight II in order to play Wrath of the Emberlock