Brandon Belman

Game Designer | Programmer
Always Learning & Always Improving

Desert Defenders

Game Synopsis

Sakaduuba Village, a small town within the Great Desert, sees many travelers come and go. But one day a woman came who possessed the ability to manipulate and control the sands. She was power hungry and the villagers began disdainfully referring to her as "the Sand Witch." After her exile, the Sand Witch began taking her revenge on the town of Sakaduuba by sending her minions crafted of sand... and then a day came when two heroes emerged from the sandstorm.


Desert Defenders is the result of a two semesters long project with a five-member team completed at the University of Baltimore between August 2015 and May 2016. Coded in C# and assembled with Unity 5, this is my second attempt at a 2D platforming game. I am proud to say that I wrote and edited nearly every script for Desert Defenders (from the character controller to the camera direction), was chiefly responsible for its assembly, and made significant conceptual contributions as well.

During development of Desert Defenders, I continuously demonstrated my tenacity for pushing through obstacles and reaching past my limitations while meeting milestone after milestone on time. In the future, I hope to employ that same tenacity in the presence of better versed professionals who can help me develop my skills to further heights.

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