Brandon Belman

Game Designer | Programmer
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Cards & Dice
An important part of game design is learning to work with analog tools as well as digital ones. In the spring of 2015, I was lucky enough to take a course with David McDonough of Firaxis Games where we studied analog game design and used it as a lens to better understand the mechanics of digital game design. For this semester I created both a dice game and a card game.

Dice Game :: Low

This is a game for two players, utilizing four six-sided dice and a small sheet for keeping score. Players take turns back and forth attempting to undercut each other's score as they wager points back and forth over several rounds. This game only takes a few minutes to learn how to play and a game itself may last anywhere from five to ten minutes. I've played it with several of my friends and family and it has been very well received and I got an excellent grade for the project.

Download Here!

Card Game :: Joker's Row

This is a game for two players that requires a single deck of cards; keep the jokers. Players lay out 15 cards to create something similar to a play board and the goal of the game is to capture as many cards as possible. Players go back and forth with multiple options each turn including overloading their hand, casting an omen to overpower their cards, or attempting claim a card from the board. This game takes slightly longer to learn than the dice game and lasts roughly ten to fifteen minutes. I have also received a lot of positive feedback on Joker's Row as well as achieving high marks for it in class.

Download Here!