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A Bomb Before

Game Synopsis

Cooperate with a friend to carve a path through numerous obstacles in order to protect the ball until the timer runs out or the ball reaches its goal! Take advantage of the numerous power ups to improve your capabilities while keeping an eye out for player specific obstacles and the frequently frustrating bouncing barriers!


A Bomb Before is the product of a solo project completed during my final semester at UB. For the prototype, I wanted to create a game that was difficult to master but with a focus on easy-to-learn. I decided to focus on easy-to-learn so that the barrier for entry was low and the game could appeal beyond an audience of hardcore gamers. So, in order to make the game easy to learn, I settled on a concept that was simple to understand (protect the ball) and on a control scheme that was likewise intentionally simple.

Remarkably, I was able to complete my initial deliverables for the prototype very quickly. This allowed me a significant amount of time to add a variety of bonus features in order to make the game more complicated as well as more polished. I devised the turn taking dynamic, added in randomly generated power ups, player specific obstacles, and bouncing barriers. A full HUD was added, as well as a pause menu, start and completions screens, along with a small tutorial section.

Of all of my projects, this is the one I believe to have the most potential for further development. It is easy to come up with new additions to the game in order to make it more interesting without requiring a lot of additional work. For instance, the player specific obstacles and the bouncing barriers were not in the initial design, but were ideas I came up with on the fly that worked beautifully right off the bat. Future versions of the game could see a single player mode, a versus mode, and even more power ups and level hazards. Creating different maze levels would be easy to do as well. This project would work well as a mobile game and I'd love to elaborate on it at a professional studio!

Download Here!

NOTE: Two controllers are required to play A Bomb Before